Stone and Gravel: a Perfect Solution

Stone and gravel Sample

At Follow the Sun Landscaping, we often come across properties in need of a major facelift. For instance, burnt out or weed-infested lawns, overgrown or barren flowerbeds, cracked driveways and pathways…the list goes on. Getting curb appeal from these neglected sources can be a truly tedious task that will ultimately take a big chunk from your wallet. If you are like most of us, with bills to pay, families to feed and/or jobs to get to, you know how easily landscaping ventures can drop to the bottom of the priority list due to money and time constraints. However, we’re here to help you get that curb appeal you desire without the big sacrifices.

A great solution that will add instant attractiveness to your residential or commercial property is to install stone or gravel. Stone generally includes fieldstone, rubble, flagstone, crushed stone, and stone dust. Gravel differs from stone in industry terminology in that it occurs naturally in small pieces, rather than being quarried and crushed with machines. A tightly configured stone and/or gravel design provides a natural, eco-friendly replacement for damaged lawns, beds, driveways or paths. Incorporated with live elements such as plants and flowers, stone and gravel can provide a beautiful, practical and often pocket-friendly solution. Stone and gravel installations work seamlessly with new projects as well, such as the footing and surrounding area for a hot tub or pool, the foundation for a shed or doghouse, or to designate an area of your property for any variety of uses. Add a boulder or series of rocks to any garden, flowerbed, or lawn to add that perfect natural focal point or accent.

Depending on the size of the stone and gravel project, most installations are typically completed in 1-2 days.

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