Spring Services

Spring Clean-ups

Included is a full clean-up of your property of any debris on your lawn and beds that may have fallen through-out the winter. All weeds will be pulled and new edges will be cut along any existing garden beds.  Shrubs will be trimmed and annuals will be cut.

Power Washing

In addition to the spring clean-up, we can provide you with a simple power wash to get all the grime and scum off your fence, deck, patio equipment or paver walkway that may have accumulated during the winter. As of this time, we do not provide power washing service for the cleaning of siding and/or roofs.


Lawn thatch is the build up of excessive unwanted material in your lawn which can choke out air, water, and sunlight. Excessive build up of thatch in your lawn can cause grass to stop growing and even become more prone to insects and lawn diseases. Thatch is made from dead grass build up, pine needles, and moss. It can also refer to the dead layer of sod left over after an insect infestation. The thatching service will remove most of this material from your lawn.


All existing beds will be re-mulched with color of customer choice: red, black, brown or cedar. Pricing varies by volume and mulch type.


Need a tree to fill in that void spot, or are you looking to just add some overall curb appeal to your property?

Bedding Plants & Color Installation

We will decorate your flower beds with annuals to match the season.


We offer premium sod installations.

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