Stone Install

Brick, NJ.  Did this job back in March.  Took out an existing area where grass wasn't growing.  Added 3/4" inch Delaware gravel pathway to backyard, bordered by 3"-5" Delaware River Rock.  Bed was filled in with cedar mulch.

Plant Install 4/4/13

Point Pleasant, NJ.  This is a Golden Thread Leaf False Cypress, also know as a "Golden Mop!"  We had 5 of these on site, which were all damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  The customer wanted them replaced.

At Follow the Sun Landscaping, we often come across properties in need of a major facelift. For instance, burnt out or weed-infested lawns, overgrown or barren flowerbeds, cracked driveways and pathways...the list goes on. Getting curb appeal from these neglected sources can be a truly tedious task that will ultimately take a big chunk from [...]

July, typically the hottest month of the year, is right around the corner. In New Jersey, July is known for its high temps and crowded beaches. Many flowers, especially those that strive on high heat, flourish in July, as do insects. Grass, on the other hand, may struggle to maintain its greenness during July, so [...]